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Phonics is the building block of learning the English language. By learning correct pronunciation as well as the basics of putting together combinations of letters to form sounds, students gain the ability to decipher words that they have never seen before. Inevitably, this provides a stable foundation for reading and speaking. 

Sight Words

After completing the phonics series, students will then go on to learn 200 of the most readily used words in the English language. This is crucial in attaining reading fluency as the students are then able to recognize common words, and give significant attention to the words that they have not yet encountered. 

Grimm Fairy Tales

After mastering the basics of reading, students can elevate their English abilities to the next level through the Grimm Fairy Tales. This series of 25 stories not only helps students develop creativity and reading comprehension skills, but also teaches ethics and morals. Students can then start to construct his/her own stories and experiment with the boundaries of their English knowledge. 

Downloadable Audio Files and Charts

Aside from full access to lessons, premium members can download all of the audio files from the phonics section, for more flexible usage in cars, classrooms, or in the house. 

Additionally, charts are provided for each of the phonics songs, so that users have more freedom in conducting lessons. 

Click here for an example of a song chart

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