Easy 3 Step Guideline

1. Watch the Lesson and Music videos

Start with the lesson video, then watch the song video.

They're only 3 minutes long!

These videos will teach your students the basic literally skills of associating words with sounds. 


2. Go over the Power Point Presentation

Slowly go through the slides one by one

Try to make your students sound out the letters, pictures, and words along with the flashcards

By looking at the slides, your child can review the flashcards and solidify their understanding of the learning materials from the videos



3. Download Worksheet PDFs and PRACTICE!

There are two PDFs in each lesson.

The worksheet is to enhance and practice the learning material

The quiz is to assess the student's understanding 

The student should be able to correctly answer all of the questions in the quiz before moving on to the next lesson


Q1. What do I do if my student is not showing interest to the videos?

Play the full unit playlist from the "more info" page. You should play the playlist at least twice a day for three days. 

It could be in the car on the way to school or in the classroom during a break period. 


Q2. What do I do if my student is not showing interest to the worksheets?

Review the powerpoint with the students at least once a day for three days.

Try to make the students sound out the letters, words, and pictures.

If the younger students (ages 2-4) are having trouble writing, try to make them complete the lesson 1 capital and lowercase worksheets a few times. 


Q3. Can the student move on to the next lesson even if they don't do well on the quizzes?

Yes. However, only if the students achieve at least 90% on the quizzes. 


Q4. Can I start teaching from the middle?

Yes, if your students already know the 26 letter sounds, you can start from lesson 3. 

If your child can read three letter words such as "cat or kid," then you can start from lesson 7. 

However, we recommend that the students start with the quiz worksheets and make sure they can answer the questions. 


Q5. How long should I spend on each lesson?

Each lesson should be done in roughly 15 minutes. 

You should also repeat the lessons each day until the students can achieve >90% on the quizzes. 


Q6. How many lessons a day should I teach?

Only teach one lesson a day. It is important that the students completely understand the material and you should not teach more than one lesson a day even if the students are showing quick progress. 


Q7. How long does the whole program take?

This varies by the student's age and speed of progress. 

If you start the curriculum from the beginning and your students can learn one lesson every day, the whole curriculum should only take 129 days at the minimum. However, you should spend as much time as necessary for each of the lessons. Thus the curriculum could take much longer. 

It is essential that the teacher value thorough achievement over speed of learning. 

For further questions, please email: info@letstartsmart.com